3 years waiting to get a working smart meter and in house display

I had my first smart meter installed about 3 years ago with Bulb :bulb: and has never worked or gave readings, 3 years I’ve tried to get this resolved, finally was told there was a fault with the smart meters firmware and Siemens replaced the smart meter 2 days ago, the smart meter is now working, but the in house display doesn’t show any useage information, ive followed through all the relevant information relocating near to the meter, switched off back on etc, was told it would work within 48 hours it hasn’t I’m so fed up with this situation as want to monitor my usage and 3 years on still can’t.

My in house display is connected to my WiFi but apart from that, there is zero data in the in house display. If its any help it shows waiting for supply status. And is running software version idhd6 cad ppmid 1.4 cad 1.9

Please can somebody sort this :sob: :pray:

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Hi @Shawn :wave:

Thank you for your post

I can see you recently had your meters exchanged as your previous smart meters had been affected by a known firmware fault.

It can take a few days from the date of install for the data to show on the IHD. I can see you have an email thread with my colleague Guy regarding this. If there is no data on the IHD come Monday could you please drop him an email to let him know?

Ele :bulb:

I have had the exact same issue for 3 year too but I haven’t had my smart meter fixed. I was also told that it was a firmware issue and that they would fix it as soon as Siemens issued the update. I’ve been waiting very patiently for Bulb to do something about this but they’ve simply forgotten about this completely. Would love it if someone could get back to me soon.

Hey @igray

We have taken a look at your account and can see the electric is connected but not the gas. The fix is likely from a remote commission more than an engineer visit but I will chase this up with our smart team and get an update for you.

–Carl :bulb:

Thanks for picking this up and looking at it. I’m pretty sure this was looked at as I was told it was a firmware update that was required. Also our IHD hasn’t worked this whole time either despite many attempts to fix this.

Totally ignored by bulb! Got an initial response to say that… “the issue is that Bulb were unable to load its security credentials onto the gas meter so it is unable and unsafe to be put on our smart network at this time”, which is apparently a known issue with a small number of meters which the company in charge of the smart network are investigating. I’m told that when they find a solution it will be downloaded to my meter however there is no timeline for this.

Given that it’s been known about for more than 3 years then there is little to no hope of it ever being fixed. As such I asked for a replacement meter at which point bulb have stopped replying which is frankly just rude. They also did nothing about my non-working IHD. Worst customer service ever!

Hi @igray,

I am sorry there has been a delay in getting back to you.

I can see my colleague Carl has been dealing with this for you over email. He has been away on annual leave for the past week but will be in touch over email soon.

– KT :bulb:

Hi Katie

You already replied to me by email on Friday when you told me that I would have to pay over £300 to have a replacement meter installed and told you I wasn’t going to pay to fix a problem that I didn’t cause for a meter that I don’t own.

@Shawn how did you get Siemens to replace your meter? Did you go through bulb or direct to Siemens? I’m making no progress here with bulb so hoping you can shed some light here.

Many thanks

Bulb instructed Siemens to replace the meter because after years of faffing about there was a firmware issue with the smart meter bulb had installed, so eventually they came out again replaced the smart meter, bulb now getting readings, that was like last October , and can you believe ever since I’ve been trying to join there ev tariff, since October I’ve been told my details need to be updated in the national energy database, you’d of thought 24 hours but nope still waiting. I calculate its cost me over £600 , in being over the odds being on the tariff I’m on. Involved the Ombudsman as the whole process has been shocking. Good luck :+1:

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly Shawn. I’m sorry you’ve had such a frustrating time with all that. It doesn’t seem like it should be that hard. Sounds a bit like we might both have had the same firmware issue.
Can I ask if you had to pay for the replacement meter? Bulb are telling me that I’ll have to pay over £300 to have it replaced and can’t even guarantee that the same issue won’t arise again.

No problem. No I didn’t have to pay as the issue was the meter was faulty, now would I pay for a meter that isn’t working correctly.

Hope you manage to get it sorted out, honestly who would ever think something as simple as smart meter could be so frustrating and difficult. Looks like Bulb have hundreds of customers going through the exact same thing.

Hi @igray,

The issue affecting your meter is to do with the commissioning process, this is how we connect your meter to the smart network to allow us to communicate with it. This is fine for your electricity meter but your gas has had issues which means you need to submit manual readings.

This is different to the firmware issue @Shawn has had, this firmware issue affects the electricity smart meters and so as we are getting readings from your elec meter we know that this is not the issue in your case.

I can see Carl has issued you a deadlock letter about the situation so you can now escalate this case to the Ombudsman if you wish.

– KT :bulb:

@KatieT_at_Bulb I’m not sure it makes the slightest difference whether @Shawn had the same issue as me. They are both firmware issues that affect one or other meter which you are incapable of fixing.

The only reason you’ve sent me a deadlock email is because you’ve decided that it’s not worth trying to fix as it’s not that important since I can still submit manual readings. If you had spent the last three years pushing for a fix then we wouldn’t be here.

Instead, what you are saying to me, but don’t seem to realise is, that I’m not ever going to have a working smart meter for gas or a working IHD because it will never be fixed. Like I said, if it’s not been fixed in three years, it’s not getting fixed and you’ve closed off all possible solutions because of your total lack of action in that time. That’s why we’re in a deadlock. You could at least be honest about that.