£30 if no ones in

I received an E-mail from bulb stating that if I wasn’t in to receive my smart meter I would be charged £30, well after waiting in all day nobody bothered to phone or turned up, so do I get the £30 ? Or is there time much more valuable than mine ?

£30 compensation from Bulb!

I think you were joking, but actually you do!

Your best bet is to do nothing for 10 days, after which they owe you £60 instead.

Thanks I’ll wait and see if they can be bothered with customers complaining, probably not

Not even an email reply after 7 days they said “ we are taken 5 days to answer mail” FIVE DAYS AND YOU DIDNT EVEN MANAGE THAT

You should get £60 required compensation plus another £10 that Bulb choose to offer for not replying to your email!

You will have to ask them for all of the above though. Just add another tenner to your bill every time they don’t reply, they’ll end up paying you to use their energy eventually!

Thanks, very helpful

Just checked my account, £30:00 added on the day they failed to turn up, so… smart meters do save you money!