£40 gone in 4 days! how? (HELP Please)

I just moved in Swindon recently. Last Monday morning, I lost my electricity – went to a shop to top up £20, then my electricity was gone Wednesday evening. So went to a shop again to top up £20, then my electricity was gone Friday evening. How is that possible? Today is Saturday and I’m making sure that all appliances are not turned on but my £20 balance topped up Friday evening is getting quickly low!

I don’t understand the problem :frowning:


Hello, I am not a bulb employee but I have many years of experiance with pre payment meters

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How can I get my key card to work skip? I’ve emailed all day.no reply

is this a new key you have just got? or is it an old key that’s stopped working?

One that stopped working mate…had bother yesterday

in that case you will need to phone BULB tomorrow for an eight(8) digit code to reset your key
Phone or webchat
Do NOT email as the response time will be to long