£400 Govt Discount - DD reduced accordingly?

Will Bulb be reducing the Direct Debits having taken into account the £400 from the Govt this coming winter?

What have Bulb planned to do during the time of the discount being applied? I presume the DD amounts will be taking this credit into consideration and so as a result they will be reduced?

I doubt it. The payments are monthly, so I guess they may review the amount of credit at the end of the winter peak.

Of course, by then we may be with another provider.

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The Government have said that for October and November, £66 will be added each month to your credit and £67 will be added each month of Jan,Feb and Mar. That’s if there is no extra help.

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That might be true, I just read on BBC news that Octopus is asking the Government for a 1 billion loan to buy Bulb.

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Households will start receiving £400 off their energy bills from October and this will be split across the months.

Once we have more information for you we will keep you posted.

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