£409 Electricity bill for 1 month!


I moved into a new house in November. I submitted a meter reading when we moved provider to Bulb mid November then again in January and then again last week. My electricity bill for December was £59… my bill for January was £409. Just found out as I don’t monitor it closely and only noticed as Bulb suggested I increase my direct debit. So shocked.
My Electricity consumption in my old house was £50 a month. The only change in this house is I’m using 2 storage heaters to heat two rooms and the immersion tank is old.

Really need some help or advice in identifying what could be causing such an eyewatering bill. I know storage heaters are expensive but it’s only two and surely it can’t amount for that can it?!

I know the dates of the meter readings might affect things but the bill for December was £57 and we’ve made no changes since then we moved in (got the storage heaters on day 2)

I’m having a smart meter installed in 2 weeks and they will check the meter is working properly but I’m panicking in the meantime at the spiralling cost.

Any advice appreciated.

Check the opening meter reading, and all subsequent readings you’ve given, are showing correctly on your statements. Then check the maths (it’s simple) and ensure everything is as it should be. Assuming it is, then there’s only two possibilities, either you’ve actually used the energy, or your meter is faulty.

My guess is most likely you’ll find one or more of your meter readings are either wrong or not used correctly on your statement.

Your billing issues will likely get worse after your smart meter installation. Bulb are having lots of billing issues with their smart meters. It’ll all work eventually, but it’s unlikely to improve your blood pressure or anxiety in the mean time.


I think bulb should give you leader trust level. You are the most helpful person in this community. on most posts, you are there helping, providing links to relevant information and being a great leader. thanks for helping everyone out!

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Same exact problem here but I know for sure that I sent the wrong readings because someone changed the numbers on the meters as we have a common box for the building!
I sent the flat 7 readings instead of mine (flat 8).
They charged me 450£ in one month and now I’m writing to them and no answer at all!
Not to mention that they keep charging me huge Bill’s because of the previous estimates!

I very much doubt its your meter thats going to be faulty. You aranage for a check meter or a meter accuracy test. Just be warned there can be charges for this if the meter comes but as not faulty.

From my experience only a handful of meters since 2006 has been faulty its either your account being billed incorrectly IE meter mixup or your meter readings are wrong.

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… and, at least for the electricity meter, it’s relatively trivial to check that the meter is measuring correctly yourself. As you say, it’s almost certainly not faulty and Bulb are already known for billing problems.