49.5kW Solar PV system upgrade + FIT

Hello again!

We have a 49.5kW system installed ~late 2012, I believe we are being paid ~14p/kWh under the FIT.
We have more roof space, the solar units have dropped significantly in price as far as I understand, so we are considering to expand our PV to the rest of the roof.

Any suggestions on how to go about this? Our consumption is ~120,000 kWh/year, so not small. I firmly believe in trying to be as self sufficient as possible!

Thanks, Vikash

Hi Vikash, sounds awesome and it’s great that you’re making such a good contribution to renewables. Best thing for this would be to contact a PV installer, they can do a site visit and assess the roof space, tilt angle & house orientation to best determine how much extra energy you will be able to generate in a year by covering the rest of the roof. Different types of solar panels will have different kW(peak) ratings as well and it may be worth asking for all of the different PV panel brands that the installers offer. Best of luck with it all!