5 contact Economy 7 smart meter

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We’re actually now trialling some 5 terminal meters so if you give us a ring on 0300 303 0635 someone should be able to check if this is something we can sort for you right now. If not, we should be rolling them out over the summer all things going to plan! :crossed_fingers:

I just called the 0300 number but they had no knowledge of any 5 meter trial going on…

Hmmm @matthewleedickinson we definitely are trialling them for certain members, sorry if they couldn’t help you out there. If you haven’t heard from us about it yet you might not be eligible just yet. If all goes well as I mentioned, we’ll launch this for all members in the next few weeks!

Just received this email from bulb

"We’re sorry we couldn’t carry out your smart meter installation.

Unfortunately, there aren’t currently any 5-terminal SMETS2 meters available in our smart meter inventory.

It won’t be until late 2021/2022 for 5-terminal SMETS2 meters to become widely available to everyone and we’ll be certain to let you know when we’re ready to install them for both commercial and domestic members."

Hi @matthewleedickinson

Apologies for any confusion here. As @holly_at_bulb mentioned, we have been running a small-scale trial for 5-terminal SMETS 2 meters. After these installs, we will look to open bookings but I don’t have a firm date for this. The smart team will be in touch as soon as this is possible, however.


Can I clarify whether these 5-terminal meters are the same as three rate meters? (The type used for what Scottish Power call Comfort Plus)

@mholland Hiya- do you mean a 3 phase meter?
We’re not able to do these as smart exchanges just yet but we should let you know when we can!

Hi @holly_at_bulb. I asked a similar question to @mholland earlier in this read. Not 3-phase meters but meters with 3 readings and therefore 3 rates - for day, night and control. Control being for storage heaters. I also wondered whether these 5-terminal smart meters were a possible solution for those with related meters, previously with Scottish Power on the Comfort Plus White Meter tariff.

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Hi the easy answer is no!!! Comfort plus is an obsolete tariff sometimes it was called E10 and only available in some regions E10(was sometimes a straight 10hours or split as in comfort plus 7 hours at night and the other 3 hours late afternoon or early evening)
With a smart meter only single rate or E7 is available but other suppliers do time of use tariffs with T.O.U you would need to have timers fitted to make use of your cheaper options!! The only other suppliers comfort plus are I think SSE and British Gas hope this help take care J.

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Hi @norman7115 - @jforshawl20 is correct that some supplier do still offer Comfort plus, but we don’t offer these tariffs. If you switch to us with this set-up then unfortunately you would be charged on a single rate. https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/115003599991-Switching-to-Bulb-with-an-Economy-10-meter

@Jim_at_Bulb Just to be clear, for anyone on Scottish Power’s Comfort Plus and the two MPAN set-up, if you switch to Bulb the storage heater MPAN will be on the single rate tariff, but the other MPAN can be set up with day and night tariffs.