5 Quick Wins for a Greener Business

Hi Community,

My name is Nekane and I work in Bulb for Business. :briefcase:

Ever since I was little I’ve been concerned about climate change and wanted to have a positive impact so I studied Business Administration hoping that I could influence organisations to become greener.

:fallen_leaf: For that reason, I love being able to help businesses switch to renewable energy. Not only does that save carbon emissions, but makes their extended operations instantly greener!

At Bulb we have joined the many other organisations working to achieve a greener workspace. This involves revising every stakeholder that interacts with your business, which is why we swapped dairy milk for locally produced oat milk - for instance.

So I thought, while (some) people are starting to go back to the workplace why not share a few tips for a greener way of working. :earth_americas:

Here are 5 tips I can offer for making your business greener:

  1. Switch to a green supplier and adapt your energy source by installing solar panels and smart meters. So that everything going in and coming out of the office is accounted for.
  2. Get some plants and green up your work space. Not only will they purify the air around you but they will also improve your concentration, memory and productivity.
  3. Change the way employees travel through cycle to work schemes. Here’s one example. I’ve cycled to work for over a year and I love it!
  4. Spending more on longer lasting materials can cut costs in the long-term and reduce waste. For example swapping single-use plastic water bottles for reusable ones (Everyone at Bulb has a KeepCup). Or a more expensive dishwasher will not only be more energy efficient but can lower your bills too.
  5. Lockdown bonus: incorporate flexible working by allowing your employees to work from home more often and save transport emissions.

We’ve written many blog posts, guides, and we even built a carbon calculator, but I’m really interested in hearing what actions, easy wins and tips that your organisations have to help each other out!

Perhaps referring your stakeholders to switch to green energy with our referral scheme?

Whether you’re a business looking to cut costs on the return from lockdown or just want to be a bit greener in your operations, don’t hesitate to ask me anything! :peace_symbol:

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