£50 bonus for sign in to Bulb

I recently switched to bulb for both gas and electricity supply. The transection periods were smooth. I used someone’s refer link which I found online in order to get £50 bonus. I check my account but there is no £50 credit in my account? How does it work exactly?

It should have shown up as soon as your switch was complete? That’s what mine did… If you ask bulb nicely they might add it on for you. Either a member of staff will reply to this or you may need to email them.

If you need a referral for bulb to give you the credit then i would be very thankful if you said mine… bulb.co.uk/refer/tom6685

Thanks and hope bulb are nice and honour it

Hi @yi932 I’ve just checked your account and I can see the £50 was applied yesterday. Just go to Statements and Payments in MyBulb and the £50 credit is showing there.

@tom6685 Keep sharing that link!