£50 cash back

I have just signed up to Bulb.
I had a £50 code from a friend but there was no where to put the code into when signing up.
Can this be afterwards at all?

Hi @angela7347 - I’m afraid it usually can’t be applied retroactively. The referral link is a clickable link which you click to start the switch process, and it’s then applied automatically. On the plus side, you will now have your own referral link to share! Whenever people click on your link to start their switch, you’ll both be credited £50 automatically. Thanks for checking with us.

Why is there not a place for putting in the code when going through?
I’m really disappointed with this.
How do i use the refer a friend code normally when I was just texted it from a friend.
Can I cancel and re-do it?

All I could see was the my information section and then the payment section. I thought after id put in my payment details there would be a screen to check everything before I went ahead.

Hi @angela7347 I’ve emailed you regarding this issue

Thank you for sorting this out

@angela7347 No problem