£50 cash in bank when you first top up

How does it work when you use your key the first time I mean when do you receive your £50?

Hi @Kerensa1973 ,

If you mean the £50 ‘Refer a friend’ reward and how it is paid out to pre-paid (key/card) customers, then I believe it works like this: Once your account has been ‘activated’ (i.e. credit added to the key/card), Bulb is then automatically notified (it may be a short period - i.e. a couple of days - for the message to reach them). They’ll then send you an email letting you know about this and that a company called TransferWise will be in touch in the next couple of days (note that the email currently says 2 days, but there does seem to be a delay/backlog so allow 7-14 days just in case). TransferWise will then send you an email with details of how you can claim the money: either by providing a UK/EU bank account details (I think they also support US, NZ, AU ones and a few others) OR give you the option to sign up for a TransferWise currency card which will then keep the £50 in the TransferWise account and allow you to spend it on their Mastercard debit card.

TL;DR: After about 2 weeks from topping up, you’ll get an email from TransferWise with details of how you can transfer the money into your bank account.