£50 credit

I have enquired about this before and you sent me details of what to do to sign up. but ive had trouble wirh my internet connection and the details seem to have got lost . please can yoy tell me hoq to sign up ad get my £50 credit

Hey @grandma6 , no problem at all! I can run through that for you.

To switch using a referral link, you need a special referral website link from the person who is referring you. You then enter that into your browser e.g. Internet Explorer so that their referral Bulb page comes up. It will say something like ‘Use Rachel’s signup page to get £50 Bulb credit.’. That means you’re on the right track.

Then go ahead and pop in your postcode, get a quote and sign up. The £50 credit will be automatically added to your account 21 days later when your switch goes through.

Let me know if I left anything out, and if you’re having issues, just give us a call :slight_smile: