£50 credit

Hi I was just wondering when the credit, for following a referral link to swith to bulb, will be applied to my account. I noticed my first direct debit had been taken when the £50 should have covered it with a bit left over.

Hi @Avraeya, if you were referred, your £50 credit should have been applied on the date of your switch. Credit for those you refer are applied to your account on their switch date.

Bulb however do not change monthly payments based on the credit in your account. You can change this yourself here, or give Bulb a ring to request a temporary reduction (for a few months only) or to request a refund of the extra credit back to your bank account.

Thank you for your response @mowcius the credit doesn’t seem to have been applied to my account as yet today was my switch day

@“Rob at Bulb” (?)

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@Avraeya I can see that the referral credit has been added into your account.