£50 credit

I’ve had £50 credit to my account in Dec, but my bill hasn’t been deducted the £50

Your bill will be as per gas/elec readings and your direct debit will remain constant each month. If you have a credit excess contact Bulb and they can credit any excess back to your bank.
Contact Bulb for clarification either phone or live chat.

Hey @TimSlocombe1_ thanks for reaching out! @scudo is right, we aim to take a fixed DD payment but the £50 is extra credit onto your account. If you’d like to offset a particular payment with that £50 please let us know and we can organise that for you :slight_smile:

Just a note. My original estimate was so low, even though I queried it, that my £50 credit vanished immediately. I found that odd because I had submitted my British Gas payments as a guide. Not a complaint, just an observation. I increased the monthly payment to be nearer the likely cost.

@Joe_127_ Glad the payments are all set up correctly for you now!