£50 credit

I joined bulb through a referral from a friend. What happens with the £50 credit and how can I use it?

Hi @Steph_m1,

It sort of depends what sort of “contract” you are on:

Pay by Direct Debit: The £50 will be credited to your Bulb account along with any direct debit payments that are made. As each bill is issued, the amount in your Bulb account will then be debited. If you find you are growing more credit in your Bulb account (which can be checked via https://account.bulb.co.uk ), then you can adjust your direct debit amount or ask Bulb to send the excess credit to your bank account.

Pay by key/card/top-up: After you’ve made your first top up, it takes around 3 business days for Bulb to be notified of this. Once they’ve been automatically told, they should let you know via email about a forthcoming email from “TransferWise”. A couple of days later, you’ll get an email from TransferWise asking exactly what you’ll like to do with the money (transfer it to a UK bank account, practically any other worldwide bank account or whether to keep it in your TransferWise account get a TransferWise debit card). Bulb do this as they don’t hold your bank account details for “top-up/pre-paid” accounts and it’s more efficient for them to “outsource” this bit to Transferwise.

Hope this helps.