£50 free link sign up

When I first signed up I was meant to get £50 free by using the link but it’s not been credited?

Not sure but I believe it can take a few weeks until the first bills arrive. From memory the £50 is put against your account and not credited as such.

Hi @“Vixadelé”, it should appear as credit on your account (which you can view here).

If it doesn’t, give Bulb a ring (0300 30 30 635).

Hi @“Vixadelé”
The referral credit was added on the 20th, so that’s now in your account.

Hi I’ve signed up and just provided my first meter readings, when/where am I able to give a referral code?

Hi @Snoopy, you can find your referral code to pass on to friends, on your MyBulb page here.