£50 not revived

Hi I’ve not revived my. Email from transferwise yet, how long does it take after you have topped up emphasized text

Hi @fatnat91 - you should receive the email from TransferWise once your switch is complete and within a couple of days of making your first top-up.

My switch was on the 15th so I topped up the same day.

Could you comment on the information in this post please @Jim_at_Bulb? Customer claims they’ve been told 3 times on the phone by 3 different customer service agents that you have to top up at least 3 times before the referral is paid. It seems many customers aren’t getting their referral after the first topup.

I’ve topped mine up 3 times now an still not had an email to claim the 50

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Still nothing an have topped up again

I have also not received mine…switched over 2 months ago now

Have u heard anything yet?

I received an email from bulb yesterday saying that the £50.00 referral was sent by transfer wise on the 11th of November. Who knows who it was sent to as I certainly never got it and I havent been contacted by transfer wise to find out how to actually pay me the money. What about you?

Have you contacted Bulb direct?

Their various contact details are on the bottom of the Help page.

No still nothing,hope u manage get it sorted xx

I replied back to the Email from bulb…still waiting on a response back from them. Thinking it’s a bit of a con to be honest.

Yeah thinking same thing,u heard anything yet?

I contacted them directly again and have since received the 50.00 that was due to me after the recefferal. I have also switched back to my old supplier. This just wasnt working for me,they are a lot more expensive if you are on a pre payment meter