50 pounds referal credit

Hi Community,

I just joined Bulb through a friend link, but after the first page, when you click to quote and follow the process there was sign of any confirmation that the credit is being given. I’d like to know if its like that, as I’ve joined through the link received in my email by https://bulb.co.uk/refer/marta7540

Will I have 50 credit in my account as soon as I’m connected with Bulb. What about my friend, should she expect the credit already to be in her account?

Best wishes

From my own experience I joined through a friend’s referral link and the £50 got credited the day before my first payment was taken. I presume bulb need to wait to make sure everything has gone through as it should before applying the credit. Fair enough, they would lose out if they instantly credited your account and then the switch fell through. If I remember correctly I received emails quite regularly in the switching process telling me everything was good, then received one close to my switching date that the credit had been applied. They seem pretty on the ball and I’m sure they will iron out any problems for you if a problem came up with the friend link.

Hi there - your credit will be applied to your account and your friend’s account once the switch completes (which is 21 days after the day you signed up). If it does not appear - feel free to contact us. Please remember that the £50 will be applied as a credit to your account (which you are free to withdraw) but it is not deducted from your monthly payment so whatever this amount is will go through on the date in your Welcome pack. Hope that helps.