£50 Referal dispute

I am now being told by Bulb that I’m not eligible for the £50 referral because of the way I joined Bulb initially. I don’t see how this is fair and should be completely separate to any additional customers I bring Bulbs way. They wouldn’t have that customer without my referral and they signed up on the basis we both get the£50 credit on our accounts.

If I’m not able to claim referrals why do I have the option with a code? I don’t think this is acceptable and not happy with the service.


Without any hard facts being provided it is difficult to make any comments on your posting.

Hi @Allanr ,

Which facts do you require, I’ve been dealing with Bulb customer service via email. They’ve told me because I joined Bulb and received cashback via Quidco. the referral which my friend has completed and now an active customer, that the referral isn’t valid.
They confirmed they have the referral and my friend did sign up using the link I gave her.
I was told how I sign up is unfortunately relevant and that I’m not eligible for any customer referrals.



Obviously only Bulb will be able to give a definitive answer but I would have assumed that once you are a customer of Bulb then you would be able to send out referral links to your friends regardless of how you initially switched to Bulb?

@AlexS Did you actually give your link to a friend or was it advertised somewhere that is against Bulb’s Terms & Conditions?

@Allanr that’s exactly what I thought, it gives me the option to refer on my account and a personalised code. My friend has signed up on that basis.

@yyt I sent the link via email to my friend and they’d never heard of Bulb before, so joined fully on my recommendation.

They now also have a reservation of referring to their family members due to this issue.

Hi @AlexS

Your link is active and you can refer as many people as you like. In fact, we’d love you to share Bulb. You can find your referral link in your dashboard on your Bulb account. It doesn’t look like anyone has signed up through your link yet though. Could you drop me a private message with the name and postcode, or email, of the person you referred? I’ll check out what has gone on.

I think the confusion here is with your sign up. If you sign up through a cashback site like Quidco, you will not receive £50 referral credit. But this does not mean you can’t refer other people. Instead, you’ll receive cash from the site you signed up with.