£50 Referral Credit?

I joined Bulb through a referral link,and the switch completed on Aug 22nd.I don’t see the £50 credit on the account balance.Is it displayed some where else ?

@thomas662 I’m stumped regarding what’s happened here. The £50 credit should have shown up by now. I’ve manually added it. Let us know if you would like it back as cash, or if you would prefer to leave it on the account as a buffer against higher than expected future usage.

Hi Andrew
Thanks for the reply.I would like to leave the credit for future usage.

@thomas662 thanks for letting us know! It’ll remain in your account

I have only just joined bulb today…can I already start referring friends or should I wait until I’m actually connected?

@louise1233 no need to wait! :smiley:

Can we request the referral credit back as cash? Can I see some information around this please :slight_smile:

@Rebeccad26x You can indeed! Just get in touch by email or phone on how much you’d like to refund back and we’ll action it for you :slight_smile:

I’ve just joined bulb energy. so will i get a £50 credit?

If you joined Bulb following an existing user’s referral link, then the £50 credit should be applied to your account automatically. If you signed up directly or through a comparison website then there will be no credit applied (as the “money” would have either gone to the comparison website or to advertise Bulb’s website - “word of mouth” is free advertising and so they are able to save that money with referral links and give half of it to “you” and half to the person who referred you).

Thanks again @RichyB! @Robm Yeah if you signed up using a referral link you will have got £50 credit

I joined recently via a referral link, but my account is not ready yet.
Despite that I received my own referral link
Can I use it?
As my son wants to switch…

Hi @Bianca1 Your referral credit will be applied on the switch date. You can also now use your referral to refer other people and both your and the referred will get £50.

I’ve still not got mine, even tho I keep sending emails. I am just getting ignored

Hi i have switched as of the 15th May using a friends referral link and still havent recieved the £50 credit as was promised.

Hi @Bianca1

Just wanted to explain that we’re removing referral links from the community pages, so we’ve removed a few of your most recent posts.

We absolutely love when people share Bulb with their family, friends and followers, and we encourage you to share your link with them.

But, we’ve had a lot of feedback from members that referral links on the Community are making it difficult to see and participate in all the other helpful discussions.

So from now on, we will remove member posts that include their referral link.

@Shelley88 @Gavindavidrogers

If you’re worried that the referral hasn’t been added and bulb is supplying both you and your friend, just get in touch with us.

Sometimes the referrals don’t get added on properly, but we can always add them on manually for you after. Just get in touch with the link that you wanted to use for sign-up.

My friend gave me a referral link, but I have not been asked to provide this. If I provide the link now will this be added? https://bulb.co.uk/refer/lynnr1001.

My friend gave me a referral link, but I have not been asked to provide this. If I provide the link now will this be added? https://bulb.co.uk/refer/l*****.

It is against Bulb’s Terms and Conditions to post a referral link on this community forum it would be best if you edited your post to remove the link.

Regardless of this you were meant to click the link when you joined Bulb.

Hi my switch has gone over today but I still haven’t received my £50 from when my friend referred me I signed up using her link but neither of us received anything can you help me please