£50 referral fee not happy

been told that i put wrong bank detals in when i only put 1 set in back in june 2019 but since then my bank has change i did not get a email this month asking for my account details been told its been sent back as wrong detlis was put in ??? to me u have just tried to send the £50 to old account not even asking me before hand ? poor service to blame me to i hope can get this sorted asap

Not bulb’s fault if you didn’t update your bank details


hold on the referral fee is applied to your account and not given to you by bank transfer

What about if you are a pre payment customer?

can they not charge the card remotely. IE next time you put it in to top up it does it?

Referrals for prepayment customers are paid into their bank account.

Either way he will have to contact BULB and sort out his bank details. As a rule money paid to an old closed account will generally find it’s way home rather than wander about system aimlessly for eternity

I am still waiting on my 50 pound refferal whats happnin ?

Welcome to the Community, unfortunately I have no idea what is happening to your referral.

Are you able to elaborate as to your situation?

I still haven’t received anything for my referral can u help that’s 2 I am waiting for?

Have you tried contacting Bulb direct?

Yes still had no reply

Take it you emailed? You will be waiting forever if not longer. Phone or webchat

If the person or people you have referred are pre payment customers you need to wait until they’ve made their first top up. Bulb advise customers to run their credit down before using the bulb card & key so you could potentially be waiting around 2 weeks for whoever you referred to top up. Your referral email will indicate if they’re direct debit customers or pre payment.