£50 Referral Fee

Hi, I’ve just signed up but didn’t join through the referral link by mistake. I’m hoping that we’ll both get the £50 introduction fee. My referrer’s Bulb ID is /refer/bonnie1447.

Edna Schechter

Who coincidentally has just managed to get back on top of the TrustPilot list.

@tottenham thanks for letting us know regarding the referral link. It has been applied to your account now.

@xxx Regarding the referrals on the Trustpilot list we will be having an internal discussion to get some concrete action on this issue.

@“SJ at Bulb” My preference would be that @tottenham got the bonus but good old Bon/Charlie or whichever other name they choose to use for their reviews didn’t.

@xxx that’s a good alternative, I’ll make sure that it’s an option that we discuss during the discussions.

@“SJ at Bulb” It’s not an option.

It’s not enforceable as you wouldn’t know whether the customer had used a TrustPilot link or not. The only thing that will work is to immediately disable the links of any TP offender - no more warning emails, which have no effect whatsoever. They won’t like it, so that’s when Bulb bottle comes into it.

I was talking about this case - though realise that you’re never going to withhold the illegally gotten credit.


Disabling their referral link would seem the ideal approach.

@“SJ at Bulb” Another thing to discuss:

On TrustPilot Bonnie1447 is asking for name and email details of the people who use the link. Not a practice to be encouraged.

@SJ at Bulb @xxx

The same for teresa7552

Quote from a TrustPilot review:
It seems there are some problems with the referral links going through at the moment, so if you can email your name we can make sure they go through okay and credited manually if need be.”

@“SJ at Bulb” Perhaps it’s time to talk about post registration manual credits too?

Hey @Allanr @xxx - I think we’re all agreed that the current situation with Trustpilot referral links isn’t ideal and it’s something that we need to address. We’re setting up an internal meeting to establish a fair policy and a sensible course of action going forwards, and we’ll be posting an update once we’ve got something concrete.

As for the quote from a TrustPilot review about referral link problems, that sounds very outdated. There were a few issues that prevented some people getting their referral credit (e.g. when the switch was blocked by the current supplier and then restarted) but those were all fixed several months ago. We can always see what route each member took to sign up so it’s easy to check if there was an actual issue.