£50 referral link

I need a new link sent to my email to receive my £50 referral as I can’t find the email that was supposed to have been sent to me and I’ve now been with you for way over a month

Welcome to the community. Nobody on here can send you a link, the email you are referring to would have been your welcome pack. If you are a DD customer there is a link in your account, I’m presuming your a prepayment customer in which case you need to phone bulbs and get them to resend it 0300 35 35 365

Hi @candie130905 I can see we sent the email on the 22nd of January but as this has expired now I have requested a new one be sent, you should receive it on Monday or Tuesday - This will be sent directly by Transferwise not Bulb

Have a great weekend :slight_smile:
James W