£50 referral missing...still

I signed up to Bulb on a referral sent to me. Having clicked on the referral link and set up my account in mid October there is no evidence or messages from Bulb to suggest £50 has been credited to mine or the referrers account. Can you please let me know when this will be credited.

Hiya. If not already been helped. Add the referral link in a new message.

No, noone has helped me so far. Having tried to add the referral link to this message I’m presented with the following message. Surely this can’t be that difficult.

Your post contains a word that’s not allowed:

Hiya. Copy this link and add your referral account name after the = sign https://join.bulb.co.uk/?referral=

Still doesn’t work. Give me a phone number to call and I’ll waste more of my time trying to get you to fulfill your obligations. Ross Maltby the referrer is now reluctant to refer anyone else because it just doesn’t work. Sort this out otherwise I’ll be moving suppliers.

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https://join.bulb.co.uk/?referral=Ross Maltby