£50 referral not appeared in my acc yet

Hi I completed my switch yesterday but haven’t received the £50 referral credit . How long does this take ? Thanks

Hi @Niknat Thanks for letting us know about this. I’ve added the referral credit on for you now, you should see the additional £50 in there.


I’ve just joined too, when will I see mine and when will the friend that referred me get hers?

Hi, my switch completed yesterday and I received an email yesterday saying you’ve added a £50 referral reward to my Bulb account to say thanks for joining but I haven’t yet received the £50 referral credit in my account. Could you please let me know when this will be done?

@katekennerson you’ll get the credit in your Bulb accounts when your switch completes on 04/12/17 :slight_smile:

@Alfie735323 we had the same bug with your account as we had with @Niknat’s – really sorry for this inconvenience. I’ve added the £50 to your Bulb account now.

Hi it’s still not showning nor in the person that referred me . Thanks

Actually sorry I found it now . Thanks

@Niknat Not a problem at all! Glad you found it.

Same issue here. I should have £200 credit for joining off of a referral and for referring a friend who signed up through my link during the promotional window. Any help?

@tomp, if you signed up during the bonus week, neither yours nor your friends’ switch will be completed yet (the earliest would be the 4th).
Referral credit is only applied to accounts once a switch is completed.

You can track your friends’ switch through your MyBulb referral page, and your payment page for example will give you the date your switch will complete.

I’m having the same issue. My switch was completed Monday but I haven’t received an email from transferwise yet despite tipping up both key and card

Hi Bulb,

This is also problem for me. I was referred by a friend and haven’t received £50 credit for joining yet. Any idea when this will be sorted?

Thanks in advance!

Bulb said I needed to contact uswitch to collect mine so what is tranferwise ???

But I’ve just read on their website when you have done your first Topup you should get a email from TransferWise and ask for you bank details and wire it in bulb have told me twice once they paid me second I need to contact uswitch which is don’t think they know them selfs !!!

If you switched via uswitch then it’s uswitch that will handle your referral payment.

The transferwise stuff is only for people that have used a referral code from another customer.

I had sent a referral link to my friend and they switched back in July. I also got a confirmation email from Bulb that the referral credit would be in my account in July once complete. Not sure what happened. Reading through this thread, it seems like i am not the only one who missed out.

I have sent some emails but no reply or correspondence from Bulb as of yet.

It was for referring a friend though !

Hi I have joined bulb and been with them for 2 months but I have yet to get my joining referal credit nor has my friend who referred me, I cannot see anyway to contact bulb as there is no chat no telephone number

Can either somebody in the forum advise or if bulb sees this respond


I have not received my credit either getting annoyed now owed £100