£50 referral not got

i havent received an email for my £50

This is a customer forum so generally it would be difficult for us fellow customers to answer your query without further information.

what further info is needed?

For example did you refer someone or did someone refer you?

When did you switch Bulb?

Are you or the other person a pre payment customer?

What email were you expecting to receive?

I joined on 19/11 and topped up yesterday for the first time. I was referred by a friend and I received an email saying I should get an email from transferwise when it’s available but still haven’t

I have been waiting over a month yet for my referral credits.
Each time I phone they say my friends have not topped up - but they have! Their switch was 3 weeks ago they have topped up several times.
I give up

You have to top up at least 3 times before they send it as they need to see yo using the key.
Even top up twice of £1 that should work

Where did you get the information that yiou have to top up three times?

The process apparently is that:

If you’re switching to Bulb with a top-up meter (also called a prepay meter), your credit will be sent through Transferwise after your first electricity top-up.

Bulb told me this when i phoned, have phoned 3 times now and same answer

I extracted my information from the Bulb page on referrals, either the Bulb page is wrong or the Bulb staff are not aware of the process.

You say that like it’s surprising :rofl:

You have made my day, I was erring on the latter being the situation.

My son set up his through my link, he has topped up three times but has heard nothing not even had an email
Still waiting for his £50 credit?

If you phone them up they can sometimes put it straight through for you.
Depends who you get on phone though

What number do I ring do you know?

The one listed in the contact us page of the help section.