£50 referral not received

i recently referred my friend to bulb and the transfer was complete 12th jan. shes received her £50 but im still waiting on the email? why is this?

Are you a prepayment or credit customer?

I’m prepay and she’s credit

I still haven’t been paid for my joining reward and it’s been nearly a year. I’ve left bundles of messages and never get a reply. All I get is bombarded with messages and emails asking me to get friends joined up!


As your friend has received their £50 it must mean you have topped up your prepayment key/card.

According to Bulb’s page on referral TransferWise send you an email one to two days after you have topped up. From previous posts on this forum it can take a little longer. I would wait until perhaps a further two days after which contact Bulb direct. Bulb don’t visit or post on this forum too often these days.

I’m probably stating the obvious here, and apologies if you already know this, but the incentive gets paid into your Bulb account. It doesn’t get paid directly to you in a form you’ll see arrive at your bank. Are you sure the £50 wasn’t added to your Bulb account and you just didn’t notice?