£50 referral... Real or Not?

I have being working hard to share the good news about bulb energy and going green by encouraging use of my personalised link, but all my efforts have resulted in £zero :frowning:

I really would have imagined that after 400+ people seeing all the good n positive things I had to say about BULB energy that I would have had atleast 2 or 3 referrals!!!

Is the offer of £50 with each referral for real or just a clever marketing trick?


It’s definitely real, I’ve had two referrals so far, one that’s worked and I’ve had credit for and one that’s in progress. When someone uses your referral you get an e-mail confirming the use and you can see their name in the referrals area in MyBulb.

Where have you shared your referral link?

Hi @allan1602 ! We’re sorry the referral link hasn’t been bringing in those rewards. Some people may be confused with the referral link.

Because it’s an actual link, and not a referral code, people don’t click on the link, instead, they sign up and then expect to be asked to enter in the code. So, maybe this is what’s happening. If you post about your referral link, try to make sure they know to click on it directly. It will then bring them to a unique signup page with your £50 credit being included.

I’d also add that the credit gets added on the supply switch date of your referee, which is 3 weeks after their signup, so you may not be seeing immediate cash money in your account.

Both myself and @matthew744 can vouch for the referral rewards, Hopefully, those tips can help get that money flowing into your account!

It’s real! Are you posting something on Facebook or Twitter? In which case most people won’t see it or read it. I’ve had some luck having conversations with clients and friends who have an interest in renewable energy, but even then, some of them haven’t switched despite Bulb being both cheaper and greener than their current supplier. You can lead a horse to water …

I am not using bulb energy but i have a lost of customers so how to i get rewards

I am not using bulb energy but i have a lost of customers so how to i get rewards

First, start using Bulb energy. You can’t get referral bonuses if you’re not a customer yourself.