£50 Referral

Hi, i joined via a friends referral link. Can anyone advise when i will be credited the £50???

For info i joined 26th August.

For info i joined 26th August.

If the switch was via the friends referral link in theory you should have had the £50 credited to your Bulb account by now. Assuming there was nothing preventing the switch, the switch would have taken place on 16 September or a day or so later.Did you receive various emails after you joined Bulb, giving details of the link you used plus progress until the switch took place?

@MLowes I have just looked at your account and you didn’t sign up using a referral link and that is why the referral credit has not been applied.

Well i clicked i link which took to me bulb. I’ll be very disappointed if i dont get it. I can provide the link i clicked on. https://join.bulb.co.uk/?referral=kellyg1955 That link is the only reason i found out about Bulb!!!

Hi @MLowes thanks for this, the referral credit has now been added to your account

I am waiting for my first £50 plus I have refereed 3 others
When will I get my first £40

I emailed about the referral link when I first asked to switch as my neighbours gave me the referral, but I or they never received any emails or updates. This is what I got from them… Hey, switch to Bulb today and we’ll both get £50 free credit. You’ll be supplied with 100% renewable electricity and they’ll even pay your exit fees https://join.bulb.co.uk/?referral=trevorw4941 … so how can we get the referral thing if the link didn’t seem to work if we didn’t get all these emails etc

I am the same I have referred a friend and it still says switch in progress even though he has topped up several times to his bulb electric key , his switch date was 23/01 , even got an email to say he’s a bulberino