£50 welcome credit

Signed up a few weeks ago and all went through ok. I got an email saying “Woo Hoo, here’s your £50. We’ll send you £50 through our friends at TransferWise to say thanks for joining. They’ll email you in the next 2 working days to ask you for bank details so they can deposit it into your bank account.” This was a week ago, I haven’t heard nothing from Transfer Wise! P.S. I am a pay as you go customer, my Sister who referred me has had £50 credited to her account. As is said they would ask for my bank details. I’ve heard zilch!

Hi @phillyzippy, Our prepayment members should receive an email from Transferwise within a few days of switching so they can get their £50. I’ve just sent you a private message so I can get a few details and take a look at your account.

I’ve had this same problem it’s a joke it’s been a week since I received my email and still heard nothing

Looking at other posts about this problem it seems that prepayment customers are having to wait as there seems to be a delay as in this post: http://community.bulb.co.uk/discussion/8919/50-cash-in-bank-when-you-first-top-up#latest

I wish Bulb who know about the problem and stop fobbing us off with excuses. I’ve been asked for my referrals name and address, have I topped up etc.

Bulb, if you are reading this, stop beating around the bush. You HAVE known about the problem. Tell the customer straight!