52% direct debit hike ?

When I joined Bulb in October based on the quote given for my last year’s electricity consumption, I assumed the direct debit would be roughly right for the year, however, as soon as I joined I was asked to increase it, which I ignored, Now bulb have increased it by 20%, and are suggesting another 32% be added.

Seems to me they want my 12 month direct debit payments to all be equal to my highest month’s elecricity use.

Don’t like direct debits as prefer to pay for what I use, as I use it. Are these direct debit hikes usual ? or is it as I don’t have a smart meter they think my use is out of control.

I have 2 electric monitors, which tell me current use, and meter readings are put on a spread sheet to see my daily use/cost.


If you look in your “Payments & statements” page at: Bulb account , are your DD payments near to what is shown under “Monthly usage”?