£5o referral fee

I referred my son to bulb on 20th April the switch is now complete creditwise was supposed to contact me after 21 days or longer it’s now 30 days can anyone tell me how long they usually take to contact you thanks

Hi @andyyounglemon ,

If your son switched a “pre-payment” (i.e topping up by key/card) meter, then it’ll take around 72 hours for Bulb to be told of the initial top up, then they’ll email you to let you know about TransferWise (not Creditwise) and then a couple of days later TransferWise should be in contact. If you’ve heard nothing, then I’m guessing the email got lost somewhere - just drop Bulb an email at help@bulb.co.uk with details (your address and your sons address should do the trick) and they should be able to look things up and fix things.

RichyB thanks for that my son phoned them up last week stating he topped up on the 13th of may bulb said they were aware of that but still nothing back off anyone I will contact bulb thanks for your reply