£6k bill in error

Hi Bulb, we swapped to a smart meter and haven’t had a bill since. I think we are 2-3 months behind, but still in credit as the payments have continued. Little surprised to get a statement today for £5,938.61. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that’s a mistake! Can you investigate please.

Hi @davidscarling Thanks for bringing this error to our attentions. I’m sorry for the concern caused by the high statement you’ve received.

I’ve replied to one of your emails with what we need to do to resolve this. Please could you reply there and this should be a quick fix issue?

Thanks, have sent the photos. Looking further at the statement it looks like the day/night readings have been duplicated when the bill was issued. However they are listed correctly in the readings on the app and given how the meters are indexed, I’m still very surprised this wasn’t automatically flagged.

Hi, could you please advise when I should expect to receive a new bill? Thx