£73 a month for a 1 bed Gemini bungalow with no Heating..?

Can someone please act on this and tell me how my elec only bungalow is using more elec than my wifes 3 bed house…£73 a month for elec only,at work 10hrs a day and heating not used as its storage heaters which dont actually work efficiently…There’s no way on earth that I’m using this much as im only home for 12 hours a night and 6 of those are sleep.

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Bills based on estimated readings rather than actual readings?

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If only,i supply readings religiously.
Apparently the meter i have at the property shows as 2 meters due to the economy 7 tariff so I’m being charged 2 meter charges…?
I feel like switching it all off and using a generator.

Silly question but are the meter readings you’re supplying actually appearing on your bill? Sometimes they get silently rejected because they are outside the expected range.

You shouldn’t be billed 2 meter charges just for E7. Sometimes this does happen if you have some sort of “Comfort Plus” system with an E7 meter and separate meter for the storage heaters. Is that what you have?

It’s rather difficult to suggest anything based on little information. If the bills are based on your actual meter readings then there can be only one of two problems - either you’re really using more electric than you think somewhere, or the meter is faulty.

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Hi, we’re struggling with this too. Our property had economy 7 when we moved in as there were strorage heaters at the property. Between Dec and Jan we’ve been billed over £550, which cannot be correct for 2 adults, out at work etc! Did you manage to sort this out?