75 credit once you have topped up

U told me 3 months ago i would get a 75 credit from transferwise for joining once i top up my card still no credit been giving can u pls tell me why i havent recieved this

@tracey_mcculloch, you’ll need to contact Transferwise directly to query this as the payment comes from them rather than Bulb.

@tracey_mcculloch The TransferWise email is triggered by the topping up the electricity key, so it’s possible that hasn’t happened if you’ve only topped up gas (unlikely given the timescale) or only switched gas after the electricity switch was cancelled.

The referral reward can also be delayed if Bulb are still waiting on some technical details about your meter, although 3 months would seem a very long wait if that’s the case.

I’d give Bulb a call in the first instance. This is a customer forum so you’re unlikely to get a reply from Bulb staff here.