7hr discrepancy on economy 7 clock time

Hi, I realise an hour or so difference in the clock on the economy 7 is accepted, but we have a 7hr difference. We had a private electrician today & he was unable to access the clock to amend it. What can be done to rectify this fault? thanks.

Hi @SiennaD, thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately the timeswitch on a meter isn’t something that a electrician can deal with - it’s considered to be part of the meter and therefore has to be dealt with by your supplier.

So I can take a look into this for you, I’m going to send you an email about this today, just to grab some more information and pictures, seep an eye out for that! :eyes:

Hi there, I sent the required info to you 3 days ago. Any update please?

Hi @SiennaD

Sorry for the delay on this one. We’ve been looking into it with the relevant teams, and we’ll get back to you on it later on in the day. Thanks for the patience!

HI there,
Can I please have an update on this today please? I sent the further, requested photos of the meter and the cords coming out last week. thanks.

Hi @SiennaD

Don’t worry, we’ll get you an update on the email thread by the end of the day. Our working hours are Mon-Fri 9am-6pm, which is why we’ve not had a chance to look into this just yet. We only got those photos at 5pm on Friday, we’ll get it looked into for you now.