80% increase for unit gas price... Is this right?!?


I know that prices were due to go up drastically but 80% (79.55% to be precise) overnight?? From 3.987p/unit to 7.159/unit. I thought the average increase was meant to be in the 50s??

Am I not subject to the price cap regime?

What did I miss?

Not knowing your personal circumstances but a 54% on average increase means there have to be some higher percentages. Maybe your increase is at the higher end?

The is most likely correct. Mine went up by 83%. Calculate the % change in the other charges; gas standing charge, electricity unit rate and electricity standing charge and you’ll see that none are 54%. That is the % increase in annual cost for the average user, you can’t look at 1 of 4 of the different charges on it’s own and expect it to be a 54% increase.

Electricity charges at the price cap went up by about 36% and electricity standing charges increased by around 82%.

Gas charges at the price cap went up by about 81% and gas standing charges increased by around 4%.

Overall for a dual-fuel customer (paying by direct debit) it equates to a 54% rise, which is the figure you see quoted in the media.

Yes, I realised this shortly after posting… That the actual increase is effectively measurable in terms of the minimum required Direct Debit.

And yet… 80% more for gas!! Still, could be worse; Germany is shooting itself in the foot (well, “feet” and all other extremities) over Ukraine and will need to make up its 55% dependency on Russian gas. Wouldn’t like to know the %age increase that will entail…

I agree the increase is misleading my figures show:
From middle of April 2022

Gas up 82%
Was 3.8500, Now 6.9930
Gas SC up 4%
Was 24.8690, Now 25.923

Electric up 39%
Was 19.1720, Now 26.686
Electric SC up 73%
Was 23.212, Now 40.230

I’m with bulb variable your doing better than me, i was on a smart tariff, bulb pulled it,

Electric Now Was
Unit rate
29.24p per kWh 12.75 all the time other than 4 till 7 then it was 25.50
Standing charge
37.92p per day 24.83 i think there abouts

Gas Now
Unit rate
7.34p per kWh 3.04
Standing charge
27.22p per day 19.87

Mine has worked out, over 100% increase although, we have cut back, so the increase is now about just over 54% only because we have cut or usage.