82 Broadmead road bill with N Power was divided into 3 flat

There are three separate electric metres, one for each floor. We now require just one electric bill as it is now just one house. I presume that this can be done by just adding the three metre reading up to one figure ?
The gas is just on one meter.
The bill for electric and gas is currently in my partners name Elizabeth Bevis. Please change it into my name, Roderick Taylor.

Hey @rodtaylor1, thanks for getting in touch. What an odd situation! We would need you to inform us of the meter serial numbers for the other meters so we can add them to your account. As each meter points are different as there used to be 3 floors they would still be supplied by a different supplier and not us and we’d need to request a switch. Just to let you know, any supplier has embedded costs to supply energy to a meter so we will need to inform you of additional standing charges for these meters.

If you email us at help@bulb.co.uk with your meter serial numbers and explain your situation we can then help sort this situation out for you!

Hi, In answer to you questions.
The three meter numbers are:- Ground floor. AS44221 South Eastern Electricity Board. a sticker on it reads. Cert 91 24 Kw.
First Floor. :- EDF Energy S12B235215 Store code 61902E
Second Floor:- EDF DO373315 Single phase wall hour meter.

As I explained, it is now just one house. You mentioned extra cost with the three meters. Would we be better getting the two upper floor meters taken out and just having one single meter?

thanks Rod taylor

Hi @rodtaylor1, you are correct about there being extra costs. As we’d be supplying those meter points with electricity, you’d be charged 3 separate standing charges. As you’ve now combined 3 floors into one house it would be best to have 1 meter for the whole property.

Removing these meters would also cost you money and time so it would be up to you whether you would like to take this direction. Going forwards it will help reduce money spent on standing charges.

If you would like more information, just give us a call at 0300 30 30 635 and we’ll help explain it to you :slight_smile: