£919.78 per month increase!

Received an email this morning saying I would be paying £919.78 a month more, seriously? Surely this is a mistake?

Hi @Jenny_D - almost certainly. I’ve sent you a private email to go over this. I’m very sorry for the alarm this would have caused.

Replied to email. So you can asssure me I won’t be paying any more? I’m on benefits so £76 per month is already 25% of my monthly income.

It still looks like it’ll be going up around 20%, so you might be looking at around £90 a month from November.

Looks like it’s going to be a very cold winter for me. I honestly can’t pay that, it’s a choice between eating and heating.

There might be more benefits you’re not claiming. You should go and see your benefits officer.

If you have an alternative heat source…gas or wood? Use that - try to never heat with electricity…only exception being if you have a fancy heat pump system.

@Jenny_D We won’t increase your payments without asking, we’re just letting you know your bills will be going up. We understand the financial difficulties

We’re extremely flexible on how you can manage any debt with us if you can’t afford to increase your payments to cover your bills. Please give us a call or discuss this with Bill if you’re still concerned.