95% price increase?!

I moved into my apartment 10 months ago. I’ve gone from laying £180 a month to £350 - a 95% price increase. I live alone in a 3 bed with office. How can that kind of price be justified, even in the current economic climate? What about when the winter comes round and you start asking for £600 a month?! Spoke with Ovo and they’re offering a fixed rate of £220 a month for the next 12 months … are you just trying to suck everything out of your customers to stave off bankruptcy?

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Hey @maxr

Sorry you have seen an increase in your tariff and payment. Your price has increased as the cost of energy has gone up over the last year, payments would increase to ensure your account keeps in a good place.

We do not offer a fixed deal at Bulb so the cost of what you pay is reflective of the cost of energy. If you would like to change the way you pay for example to a variable direct debit or pay via pay as you go please let us know. Happy to chat through support options

Carl :bulb:

If you feel there is a fault with your meter or appliances we would suggest looking into a few options.

  1. For your property/appliances

– You can book in an electrician or gas safe engineer to come and assess the appliance efficiency to see if there is a fault.

  1. For your meter

– You can ask us to book in a meter engineer to come and do an accuracy test on your meter, this costs £120 to book in but if the results show a fault this can be reimbursed.

Please also submit some latest reads so we can check these for you.


Hang on a second @Carl_at_Bulb. Bulb prides itself on 100% renewables Solar, Wind so on. So can you explain how the Sun & Wind have increased their prices? I’m a little confused. We are being told we have Global Warming and so more Sun more output. Global warming is also changing the weather and we are getting more storms and more wind, again more output. The only Energy crisis is the global cost of oil and gas, but apparently Bulb is 100% renewable. So please tell us all how the price of Oil & Gas has affected a company that sells its self and being proud of a 100% renewable Solar & wind supplies? Or is it really all LIES and your management has seen an opportunity for profit. Your company is either lying to us about being 100% renewable, or lying about the cost of energy and taking us all for fools?

The majority of renewable electricity is generated using gas. That’s why the price has increased. There are plenty of articles that explain this if you search via Google.

Also, it’s been discussed on here numerous times following the same question as yours. I’m not sure how to search through the posts.