£990 per month?

Joined Bulb only 4 months ago, based on a recommendation!?:thinking:
Moved from my previous energy supplier, paying £50 less per month for gas and electric with Bulb for a 4 bed house. :+1:
For the first 2 months, Bulb hadn’t told my previous supplier that I’d moved my gas supply, so I was paying both Bulb and my previous supplier for my Gas. :man_shrugging::man_facepalming:
My monthly gas and electric usage according to the Bulb app, was then changed to £923 per month!!:flushed:
I was told that this was an error, (obviously) and that it had been corrected twice, but it still hasn’t been, and now the Bulb app recommends that I change my monthly payments from £111 per month to £990!!!:rage:.
I await to hear from them, and if they want to come round to prove that I live in a 4 bedroom house and not a 250 room hotel, then I’m happy to invite them.
I’m starting to regret changing to Bulb already. :pensive:

Hey @russell.gilbert - welcome to Community!

I’ve popped you a reply to your latest email, please take a look at that there and get back to me if you still have any questions about anything at all.

All the best,