A bit confused on billing

So I’m currently a new member of Bulb. My partner and I are switching from Power which is by far the worst company in the world…

Anywhoo, we are to give meter readings on the 19th of Dec. But we also suppose to get billed by npower on that date. And Bulb says we will be billed on the 24th. Are we about to be billed on the 19th from Npower and the 24th from Bulb? Or will we be switched companies by then and not be billed by Npower on the 19th?

Thank you for your help. Sorry if its a dumb question…

Your switch date is the 24th. That’s the date you officially change suppliers.

But the meter reading you provide for the switch has some leeway, you can provide it 5 days either side of your switch, from the 19th to the 29th.

If you give the reading on the 19th, it will be considered by both companies to be dated the 24th. This effectively means that by giving an early reading from the 19th to the 24th you’ll be paying Bulb’s unit rates, but nPower’s standing charges, and this is exactly what you want since presumably you’re switching due to Bulb’s lower unit rates.

If you want it to be totally “correct” you should wait until your switch date and give the actual reading from the 24th. No matter what you do, you wont be billed for the same power twice, because both companies will agree on the closing and opening meter reading. But it’s better for you to give the reading as soon as you’re allowed.

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It states here I will be billed on the 24th… how do I go about with Npower so I’m not billed on the 19th then the 24th…

You don’t need to do anything. Your account with nPower will close on the 24th, using your reading from the 19th. Just give your reading between the two dates specified. It will be treated as being given on the 24th and that is the date your respective accounts will close and open.

Note: Keep your direct debit with nPower active until you’ve had official notification of account closure and your final bill has been resolved, which as shown in your screenshot could take until early February. Don’t worry if nPower take another payment after the 24th, it’ll just be added to your account and later be refunded with your final bill. Annoying but not a big issue, assuming it doesn’t cause you cashflow problems.