A few questions

I’ve just signed up to Bulb this morning, Wednesday 18th April 2018, from first utility. They installed smart meters last October. Is that going to be a problem for transferring over to you, are they going to give me grief? My current tariff with first utility ends in June and I’m pretty sure they’ll charge me exit fees. Can Bulb assure me these will be paid and what do I have to do to claim the money back? I also paid the all of what I owed by direct debit every month and not by just a set amount each month and want to keep it that way. Can you assure me this will be done?
Sue in Chesham

Hi Sue

Great questions!

  1. Smart Meters - This won’t be a problem per say but it does mean that the smart meter will no longer communicate remotely and you will have to submit meter readings manually. However this can be done super easily with our Bulb app

  2. Exit fees - We pay all exit fees up to £120! Once you have the bill just pay it as normal and then submit it here: https://account.bulb.co.uk/dashboard/exit-fees-refund

We will process that and refund the fee to you Bulb account

  1. Direct Debits We take a fixed direct debit at the beginning of every month, by submitting meter readings we can make sure that monthly payment is as accurate as possible

Then I have to say what was the point of having smart meters fitted if no other provider can use them apart from the company that fitted them? The whole point was to have my meters read every month but not by me. This is just a step backwards and one I’m not happy about and assume this is also why I can’t pay for ONLY the fuel I use every month like I am doing with first utility? Yours answers will reflect on whether I cancel todays sign-up to Bulb Energy or not! Sorry but this not what I’d hoped for!

That’s why people generally read about how accounts work before they sign up. All of that information is on the website.

@Cocktail8 We completely agree that it’s a farce that this technology has been installed in so many homes. We didn’t install any smart meters from the 1st generation because we think it’s ridiculous. Each different make of first-generation meter requires a different piece of software to communicate with it but there are some solutions on the horizon.

Some clever clogs have put together software that can allow the first generation smart meters to communicate to suppliers other than the ones that installed them. So it may be possible to take readings from you remotely in the near future.

The other piece of good news is that if this doesn’t end up happening, we will be installing 2nd generation smart meters and these are required communicate through a central system (getting rid of the need for lots of software!). You will be eligible for one of these smart meters, free of charge.

All these things said, Bulb do not offer a “Pay on Receipt of Bill” option. All of our members pay in advance, reducing our costs substantially, which we pass on in the form of a cheap tariff.

Hope all of the above is useful! Would be great for you to stay with us.

So, as you can see, Bulb have been doing the right thing by not installing meters that can go dumb if you switch supplier.

Then I have to say what was the point of having smart meters fitted if no other provider can use them apart from the company that fitted them?
Should this not be aimed at First Utility?
This is just a step backwards and one I'm not happy about
I would stay a step forward as it means when Bulb roll out the gen2 version then it will be accepted by all companies and therefore allowing to to switch and retain the smart meter.

My smart meter was fitted by British gas and could not be read by British gas! Not very smart!
Look forward to having a sensible and eco supplier from today