A member for years, now wants a deposit to move house

Hello all,
I have been with bulb for several years now. They have been great. I am having to move house urgently, I moved into my last house 6 months ago no issues with bulb moving over.

HOWEVER. Bulb now wants a deposit of nearly £200 to take them with me?
My credit score is the same as it has always been, its a pretty good one too. So why is this now happening?!

Hey @CatAnn :wave:

Hmmm which deposit do you mean? We don’t ask for deposits - can you explain what you mean here?

As suppliers, we stay with properties so if you’re moving you’d need to switch your new house over to us. You can process a move out which I can see you’ve requested, and then we’d close this current account with us where you’d be sent a final bill.

You’d then sign up the new house on the join website as normal :relaxed:

– H :bulb:

"We’ve checked your credit score

Your credit score didn’t meet our criteria for new pay-monthly members, but you can still join Bulb today by paying a deposit.

Join with a £160.95 deposit

This deposit is a one-off payment. We’ll refund your deposit after 12 months of regular energy payments or if you decide to switch away from Bulb and you don’t have any debt with us."
I tried to attached an image but it wont let me

My credit score is VERY high (900 on experian) and I have been with you for years.


Have you not fixed this link issue yet as well?

from bulbs article: “If we’ve asked you to pay a deposit, but you think your credit score may have represented you unfairly, contact Equifax on 0800 014 2955 . They’ll explain what may have influenced your score.”

Maybe the way experian and equifax see you are different? i’m not sure how you could have such a good score on one then one bad enough for a energy company to not accept you.

Hardly a new pay-monthly member!

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Ahhh I see, okay @CatAnn thanks for clarifying there!

As Izzy posted- if you could give us a ring, or that number ( 0800 014 2955), we can take a look into that check for you and see what’s gone on- if you’ve been with us at a previous property as a direct debit member we should be able to work this out for you :blush:

Thanks for sharing that @izzyhunt!

In terms of the links not working, I know- it’s like the emojis glitch super annoying sometimes- we’re working to get community updated which should resolve these issues. :relaxed:

Just to be clear @CatAnn that number goes to equifax who told bulb that your credit score isn’t high enough, it isn’t bulb dealing with that :slight_smile:

Probably some overpaid underworked jobsworthy that has forgotten to put a digit on the end of the credit score

Called this number and have been sent in a loop by a bot, finally got through to someone who was very rude and said if I want to ‘join bulb again’ I need to join Equifax first. As I am not on Equifax’s system.
Very disappointed.

Hi @CatAnn,

I’m really sorry to hear this was your experience, did the Equifax representative give any reason why you’d need to join them first?

Freya :bulb:

They said I’m not on the system they have and to be on it I would need to join. This is why when I tried joining it has said my credit score didn’t met the criteria, because I am not on the system they have.

@CatAnn I’ve passed this all over to our team that works with the credit checks to get some more information for you. I’ve also sent you an email so we can continue this there with the updates :relaxed:

I would like to give this a final update.
Bulb have confirmed that in order to join them I either need to; pay a deposit, or pay to join Equifax.
A shame, hopefully octopus energy are better.

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