A new approach to home energy efficiency

The Dutch company EnergieSprong have won a bid for £5 million from the European Regional Development Fund to invest in home energy improvements.

£1.4 million of this will be spent here in the UK, and Nottingham City Council will be the first to benefit.

EnergieSprong are a not-for-profit organisation that takes a net zero carbon approach to home energy. They transform existing houses to generate as much energy as each home needs for heating and appliances.

Improvements include:

  • Prefabricated façades to insulate the home
  • Double glazed windows
  • Heating and cooling installations
  • Solar panels

All of these changes take just one week to complete.

What do EnergieSprong want to achieve?

EnergieSprong aim to transform homes with low Energy Performance Certificates to make them warmer, help those in fuel poverty and tackle climate change.

Who pays for the home improvements?

It costs around £85,000 to transform a single property. But the tenant does not have to pay these costs upfront.

Instead, EnergieSprong partner with housing associations to deliver their initiative. Housing companies finance the initial fittings and tenants pay their housing association for an energy service plan.

The Guardian reported that transformed households reduced their energy bills by up to a half. With new fittings, less money was spent on maintenance too.

Where does EnergieSprong already exist?

Over 800 refurbishments have already taken place in the Netherlands, with 111,000 more contracts in place. And there are further plans to expand into the private sector and new-builds.

The programme has also been rolled out across Germany, France, New York and now the UK. In 2019, EnergieSprong will transform 150 social homes in Nottingham city. There are projects also planned in Exeter, Essex and Maldon.

What changes have you made to your home to become more energy efficient? Do you know of any plans do your local authority have to make homes more energy efficient?

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

If I read this correctly it would take me 141 years to recoup my cost.

It costs around £85,000 to transform a single property. But the tenant does not have to pay these costs upfront.
You could buy a house, knock it down, and build a new one in some parts of Leeds for that price.

I’m intrigued by the pre-fab facades though - how do they make them compatible with british houses that all vary in size and shape and typically have services down the sides of the building?