A note of thanks

As most of the posts seem to be problems/criticism, I thought I’d change the tone slightly. This is without offence to all of you having problems.

I submitted my readings on 31 March ahead of the price increase.

I received my bill this morning and it was all spot on; the submitted readings applied to the correct dates.

Thank you, Bulb!!


My bill was also on time and correct.

Isn’t that the bare minimum you would expect in the 21st century from an energy provider?

On the other hand though my home display meter doesn’t show any gas usage or update the meter reading, the app and website are both guessing my usage and oh yeah, no one at bulb gives a dam.

I guess statistically there has to be 1 or 2 out of the 1.7 million customers out there who are happy with bulb and because of that I salute you and wish you well. :wink::+1:t2:

Thanks for your sentiments. However, I’d expect a far, far higher minimum from any service provider.

I hope your problems get sorted out :slightly_smiling_face:

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