A Suggestion to Bulb Regarding Direct Debit Calculations

Can I suggest that when Bulb decide to increase the Direct Debit (DD) Payments of their customers they also show the calaculations used for the increase.

Bulb, what do you say?

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Looking at all the comments on this Forum and their platforms on Facebook & Trustpilot it does make me think that Bulb are not the supplier I joined about 30 months and left for another supplier 10 months ago.

It does seem reasonable that Bulb should supply the caculations used to justify any Direct Debit increase, and taking into account any existing credit in the account and the estimate annual usage.

I have always maintained a spreadsheet of my monthly actul usage in kWh which I then use to project my future annual usage. My projected annual usage is based on my previous 12 months usage. this is a rolling projection updated each month. On this basis I can work out out with a fair degree of accuracy what my monthly DD should be so that in 12 months time my account is neither in credit or debit.

If I can do this using a simple spreadsheet I see no reason why Bulb can’t do this automatically for all customers.


Hi @Allanr

Thank you for your feedback. There is a link to the break down in the email that was sent about the payment review. This takes you to your Bulb account and then has a break down of how we calculated your direct debit. Let me know if you have any issues finding this.

We could advertise this more clearly perhaps in the Bulb account.

You can also see more about how we charge for your energy.

I hope that is helpful, let me know if you have any other questions.