About bills

Hi i sent meter readings in for this month but you have just sent me a very large estamated bill that i know i have not used as i started sending readings as the last estamated bills you send me was nearly double wot ive used how can i sort it out thanx

We’re in exactly the same situation with our bill this month.

Hi @Bungee and @Lucy88 ,

For my end of January bill, Bulb did send out an estimated bill for my gas (my first ever estimated bill in 13 months+ with them) as the gas meter readings were ‘different to those expected’ (we had the heating on for quite a bit during January and used around 100 units: IIRC, in 2017 we used 30 units in a year!). A quick email to help@bulb.co.uk with a photo of the meter readings and within 20 MINUTES Neil at Bulb had sent out a revised bill with the readings used. Admittedly, in this case I actually used a lot more than the expected (by sounds of things, you’ve used less than expected), but I’m sure a quick email with them with a picture of the readings and they’ll get things sorted for you [make sure you send the email from the email address associated with your Bulb account though!].