About first charge 63.23

Hi I have question I join to Bulb 20th of may same day you take 63.23 from my bank account and when I provide meter reading get answer" I will get final bill 1st june from old provider " Why do you charge me same day on joining 63.23 if I don’t use any energy from you? I fell like being charged twice same energy . ONE you charge me and SECOND 1 st june get next bill from old provider !!That not fair Why?
Please explain to me .
Many thanks

This may explain the reason: https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/115003405632-How-do-Bulb-payments-and-statements-work-

This is no different if you were to be a customer of say BT.

You should have received an email from Bulb titled ‘Your Bulb Account opens soon’ with text such as:

Great news, we start supplying your energy the day after tomorrow. So, we'll take your first payment of £xx.xx from your bank account to your Bulb account on xx xxx xxxx.

Your old supplier should send your final bill within six weeks. Let us know if you’re charged an exit fee and we’ll refund it straight into your Bulb account. Just send us a scan or photo of your final bill.

We take upfront payments so we can buy your energy for lower prices. Here’s an article with some more info.

Hi @michal32, as those helpful links from @Allanr and @RichyB say we use a payment in advance system, which is one of the things which lets us have such a cheap tariff. We do our best to make this clear to everyone signing up on our website, and through the emails we send during the switchover process. Rest assured you aren’t paying anyone for the same energy twice, that final bill from your old supplier will be for all the energy you used up to the day we took supply, when you were still with your old supplier. They won’t be charging you up to the 1st of June, it can just take a while for them to produce the bill.

Thanks @Allanr @RichyB and David for all support , now all is clear for me .
All the best

Happy to help :slight_smile: