About me: Beth at Bulb

Hi Bulb community :slight_smile:

I’m Beth, a Senior user researcher at Bulb. I’m celebrating my Bulbiversary this week, having joined exactly a year ago.

Currently, I’m based in our smart team. We’re interested in all things ‘smart meter’. Including our smart tariff (find out more here https://bulb.co.uk/smart/). My goal is to ensure Bulb’s smart experience is research led.

Some of the team engaged in ‘smart’ discussion.

What does this actually mean? At the moment, it means running lots of quantitative and qualitative research projects.

Some are quick and simple. These help us get fast answers. For example, using a questionnaire to understand what tariff rate names make intuitive sense to people.

Some projects are longer and slightly more complex. These help us build deeper understanding on a topic. For example, combining interviews, usability tests, analytics and cohort analysis to find out how we can best help people to engage with their smart meter data.

One of my aims is for the whole team to get involved in research. From product strategists to developers to designers. It’s great for them to see real users (aka you, our members) interacting with Bulb products. It challenges assumptions the team hold. And it helps us all work faster. With everyone on the same page, we can make decisions and implement changes quickly.

Some of the ways I help the team get involved are:

  • Streaming research sessions from our research lab back to the team via video link.
  • Running workshops to delve into findings and identify what actions we’ll take.
  • Making insights accessible on an ongoing basis so it’s easy to refer to them when making decisions.

We’ll be running lots of research projects around our smart experience in the next couple of months. If you’re interested in taking part, I’d love to hear from you.